Kyle Nisbeth


Kyle Nisbeth

Kyle Nisbeth is currently a junior at Spelman College from South Orange, New Jersey. She will receive her Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies with a minor in Public Health and is a part of the graduating class of 2015. Ms. Nisbeth is a member of the Ethel Waddell Githii Honors Program and the MBRS-RISE program. Additionally, she receives the Student of Distinction Award, is the Co-President of GlobeMed at Spelman College and will be traveling to South Africa to study abroad for Spring 2014. Currently Ms. Nisbeth is conducting research with Dr. Sinead Younge at Morehouse College in the Department of Psychology. She is presently examining the relationship between peer influence and sexual development in African-American college-aged males. Previous to this she worked under Dr. Mercedes Carnethon in the Department of Preventative Medicine located within the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine on the relationship between physical activity and sleep efficiency. Fundamentally, Mrs. Nisbeth is interested in how the social environment shapes health outcomes. More specifically she wants to assess how race, culture and socioeconomic status intersect and impact the outcome of health for minority populations. Upon graduation Mrs. Nisbeth hopes to pursue a tour with the Peace Core and both an MPH and a PhD in Health Behavior to enable her to make an impact in her community and the current body of scientific knowledge. She strives to continually grow and learn as well as become more sensitive to pertinent concerns of today.


Telephone: (404) 270-5713
(404) 270-5796
Spelman College
350 Spelman Lane S.W., Box 310
Atlanta, GA 30314

Campus Location:
Tapley 412


The RISE (Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement) program is a structured biomedical research-training program for the underrepresented minorities and women who desire to pursue a career in biomedical research.
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